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Monday, April 28, 2014


Today we will be presenting our PSA's to the client. We have three different groups that will be presenting. All of us will have to state what we have learned about video production and human trafficking as well. I'll gladly let everyone know what I have learned since I actually learned how to make my own music video (Film Event Assignment) from Mrs. Toole's class. I thank everyone for the opportunity to let me learn what I have learned this year and hope that we  all excel in our goals. This includes Mrs. Toole, our clients, classmates, and myself!

Thaaaaanks yoh :D

Blog Update 2

For this past weeks we've been working on the scenery for our PSA. We've decided to make the opening scene an ironically open placing. However, we decided to film our PSA's mostly in Trane Stop's basement. We also filmed outside the school's library (Saint Leo University).

PS: this is an old post that I just now finished for the previous posts. This is actually the second blog post.

Production Blog Entry 3

This past week we've got a lot done. We've recorded all the groups PSA's, took our final exam online, and did a showcase for the clients and audience. To my honest surprise, we all did a good job putting our footage together to make a beneficial PSA for our client. Now, all that is left is for us to officially present out PSA's to the client tomorrow and in class. I believe tomorrow will be a successful meeting.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blog Update (4-1-14)

For our group we decided to have the opening scene out in the open, and, ironically open. Before class each member took a few pictures of the frontline campus to illustrate what we wanted to use as a scene landscape for the PSA.
We've met with the clients and had a successful meeting with them. They gave us good feedback as to what should be added in the beginning and end of our PSA idea. We're excited, mane!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Production Blog 2

The past week we had the objective of presenting our PSA to the clients for their decision. We planned out what each person will speak on in concern of shots. Our plan was to highlight the ambiguous cleverness behind a kidnapping. We discussed how subtlety an abduction can take place. It could happen anywhere and anytime, which makes the entire idea of an abduction scarier, but true.

All in all, we presented out ideas to the clients and waited for a "verdict". The clients made a decision and, to our surprise, decided to use all three groups ideas. We plan to work cooperatively with the other two groups to create an even better idea than before. We've also learned, hands-on, the basics of lighting, audio, and editing. With these tools, we will be able to make a golden product as a team for this PSA.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Bill Rodriguez
Jennifer Toole
Multimedia Management

So it seems that I'm going to be working with a group on a production project for a client who has a pretty interesting case. We will be making a Public Service Announcement about human trafficking. Although this is a touchy subject, this project has the potential to reach out to people about the struggles of what human trafficking really does. We will be meeting with the clients soon to talk about what should be done as for the interior needs for the video.

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Black Guy Who Doesn't Like Basketball Anymore??? HOLY MACKERAL, BATMAN!

You know who you see those short black dude that look like they were freshly imported from the banks of Zimbabwe and run like, I dont know, faster than a cheetah? Or they jump like freakin 40 inches in the air and went to the weight room not one time? Yeah I know how it feels to not fulfill that stereotype. Im a 6 foot 4 black dude, one of the tallest guys for my team let alone the only black guy! So not alot of your would relate to this to this blog because you either dont care, ooooor your already too athletic for this post hm?

Anyway, yeah, Im a senior in high school, tall black dude, and people expect me to be like this amazing dunker n' crap. But Im not, in fact a white kid who always brags about dunking became the first dunker at our school! Lol, you know, at one point I always wanted to be the first one but I cant seem to be first in anything! Ah man I swear, I know like no one is reading this, but when I make music, my music is for people who relate. Its okaaaay if you enjoy the tune or whatever, but my main goal in making music is to connect with other people who think like me. Yes I have fun with it, but still... Soon Ill make a song about basketball. I have no idea when, BUT I definately will make a song about my feelings/ philosophy on the sport and black people playing it (no racism intened, maybe subconsious who knows.) I think I hate basketball- but its so ironic, I used to love it....